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    Way back in 1986, I had the extreme fortune of riding the steepest cog train in the world up to the summit of Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland. It has a maximum grade of 48% and climbs 5,344 feet in 2.9 miles.
    Tonight, while surfing around, I came across a pretty good video showing the trains. Boy did that bring back memories. Anyways, here's the link and dial uppers should probably beware. You can resize he window and make it smaller if it's too pixelated for you.
    Fahrt zum Pilatus, Schweiz

    I also clicked on one of the other video links, I think by the same guy and found a pretty good one covering the steam cog up Rigi mountain... I think. It's all in swiss so who knows...
    Dampf bei der Rigi-Kulm-Bahn, Schweiz
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    Not many cog fans out there I see.
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    i just found this thread,that was more like a theme park ride to me! i cant beleive its a working public
    railway! --josh

    oh and fahrt zum pilatus...he he he...fahrt....:mrgreen:

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