MT 1015 coupler won a Life Like SW9

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    MT 1015 coupler on a Life Like SW9

    I have a Life Like SW9 that was equiped with rapido couplers.
    I still don't understand how, but last sunday I realised that the rear coupler and the parts holding both front and rear couplers on the locomotive are lost ( I didn't even seen on the tracks because i modved my layout several times that day ). What makes me even more upset is that I was careful with the way I handled my locomotives. I'm sure the loco didn't fall.
    Those parts are 2 small plastic retainers ( see the picture below ).
    I thought: "no problem because I have 2 Micro-Trains 1015 and that's the recommended coupler suggested on the Micro-Trains list for several Life-Like locomotives ".
    The problem is that the 2 plastic retainers that I lost are required to install the MT 1015 coupler.
    So the question:
    Can I install the MT 1015 on the Life-Like SW9 ( and GP20, GP38 ) using the screw and the shim enclosed in the MT 1015 coupler package ?

    Here is the pic of the plastic retainer.
    NOTE : That pic is not from me, it's from the website.

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    I've replaced many of the rapido couplers with the MT coupler just using the shim &screw.sometimes i don't even use the shim.It would help if you had the tap&drill bitI'm stuck on the size but I'm pretty sure you can find it on Micro Marks small tools site.Hope that helps.:wave:
  3. Biased turkey

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    Thanks for the info and the encouragement trainman4.
    Yes, I have the MT tap and drill-bit that comes with the MT starter kit.
    The problem is that the body of the SW9 loco is not flat in the coupler area, so I'll have to cut and file some lug + glue some piece of .030 styrene before attempting to install the coupler and the shim.
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    STOP ! I've got a couple in my parts box I can mail to ya -!!!! You can PM me
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    Shameless bump for the benefit of Biased Turkey
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    Thanks a lot ( merci ) train1.
    I really appreciate the offer , but guess what ? yesterday I was doing some cleaning of the floor and I found the 2 plastic clips.
    I'm glad I found the clips because now I can convert my best locomotive ( SW9 TH&B ) to the M.T. ( and Atlas accumate ) system.
    I think I'll use crazyglue so in the future the clips will be permanently fixed.
    Thanks again.
  7. Biased turkey

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    I like that :)

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