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    I have a boot-leg copy of MSTS that I have installed on an XP system. I also got a short-cut that allows me to run the sim without the disk installed. Before you tell me how lucky I am, let me tell you what the problem is. While running the sim with or without the operating disk, my computer restarts. It seems to be random, I can find no pattern of behavior that results in restart. I have played for as long as an hour or as little as 3 minutes. I have been in the cab view, overhead view from the front and rear, and once from the passenger view. Everything seems to be great, graphics and scenics are crisp and smooth, but it just restarts. No error message, no freeze frame, no big whoop, just one moment driving the train, next moment...



    "windows is starting" ...

    It is very interesting and a bit frustrating. I have searched the MSTS message boards on the fan site and found nothing resembling this problem.

    Any ideas?
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    Might I suggest that you buy a copy of MSTS from your local electronics game store? Never get a bootleg copy cause it can seriously cause problems on your computer and you may have no idea of what it might contain (viruses, ect.)

    I have MSTS and it cost me about $40, but I think its constantly on sale if you know where to look.

    Good luck!
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    I know it's not what you might want to hear Yakko, but I'm with Penn. Any other suggestion would be termed as Complicity and would make that person an Accomplice After The Fact. Voluntary admission to Theft of Copyrighted Materials/Intellectual Properties is a punishable offense.

    Step back from the computer, place your hands on the desktop- spread your feet...:eek:


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    naughty naughty... now on to the problem, a virus is a possibility, but not real likely. IMHO: virus threats and buggy-ware is FUD (propaganda) from software companies to scare part time pirates. The MO of a virus usually does not include resetting the machine. My first suspicion with an unexpected reset is a memory (RAM not hard drive) problem. You can download memory testing software from shareware sites, I usually find what I want at ZDnet. Another good test for memory is to use a scanner. Have you recently added some memory? The reason that it doesn't crash all the time, if it's a memory problem, is because you don't use all your memory until you do something memory intensive, like a graphical game or use of a scanner. 2nd suspect is CPU or motherboard.

    BTW: they have it at Sam's club for $25 and it comes with a book. I have no opinion on licensing, unless it's in my domain :)
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    I agree with all the above.
    It appears that your RAM has a bad/going bad block.
    The sporadic time frame of reset is due to the fact that,
    the block with the problem isn't accessed at the "bad" area
    at the same time, or same way.
    Now that you have located that a problem DOES exsist with your
    RAM you can get a free memory tester program out on the net.
    Allowing you to free hard drive space by removing the "graphically intensive software" you were using for testing. :p ;)

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