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    A few hours ago, UP brought in another long string of empty doublestack cars for temporary storage just outside of Brentwood, Ca. This single main track has not been used in 10 or so years for mainline activity - with the recent exceptions of the storage aspect in the past year. Rumor has it that the line will be reactivated and double tracked at some point in the future as a route out of the San Francisco bay area. Currently, UP has to run trains from SF north to Roseville and then reclassify them and head to points in southern California.

    On the lead of todays move was the UP9162 C40-8 and UP4759 SD70M. The rear was brought up by UP4376 SD70M.

    It is unusual to see trains going through town even though they are being parked for later use at the Port of Oakland.

    The best part of todays action was when the Oak Street crossing gates were coming down, a Brentwood fire truck was approaching code three. The fire truck decided to race the train to the Balfour Road crossing and had just managed to get across the tracks just as the gates came down at that location.
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    Must have been something to see that Jeff especially the race for the fire truck. Sounds like something you would see on the six o clock news.
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    I am just waiting for this line (Tracy Sub) formerly Mococo in the SP days to be active and double-tracked.

    I have been fortunate enough to have become acquainted with the signal maintainer as well as the local district supervisor who have told me that the long-term plans are to reactivate this as the sole route out of the SF bay area to points south rather than the current routing to Roseville and then south.

    While I am not holding my breath, any sign of activety is worthy of noting.

    BTW - good thing the Brentwood FD made it across the grade-crossing ahead of the train. That would not have looked too good had the men in the fire truck caused a crossing incursion.
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    Looking at the map, I have often wondered why the old Tracy Sub was not used more in current times. It makes a lot of sense and would allow southbound trains to avoid the mainline traffic going east from the ports. Your information is interesting news. Keep us posted if you hear anything else... :)

    Tom F
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    UP likes to route everything though Roseville. All trains going out of the SF bay area go north to Roseville for reclassification with the exception of a couple of daily trains that go out via Sunol Canyon and Altamont Pass - exWP and thus by-pass Roseville altogether.

    The word I have heard from a couple of UP employees is that UP wants to by-pass Roseville and not use Altamont Pass at all for their train movements to the southern part of California. That means that the Mococo/Tracy sub will be reactivated.

    The reasoning behind using Mococo/Tracy rather than the Altamont Pass is operations costs and time saving. Mococo is approx 8 road miles longer than Altamont Pass but because of its flat terrain and minimal curvature the track speed is higher on the Mococo than it is over Altamont Pass.

    If/when Mococo becomes fully operational the party is at my house here in Brentwood and all are invited!!!

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