Motor noise with walking beam oil pump

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by mentor63, May 30, 2008.

  1. mentor63

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    I have a Walthers walking beam horse head oil pump on my layout. It works fine, but it is noisy (a gear noise). I had the same issue with the one on my N scale layout. I contacted Walthers, but they indicated that no one has ever mentioned this issue before. I find the noise very bothersome and was wondering if anyone has the same situation and, if so, does anyone have a solution? Thanks, Gary

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  2. steamhead

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    Sorry....No solutions from me...but...Is that what those things are called.? Why "walking beam"..? And I've always thought they looked more like T-Rex heads...Not horses..!!
  3. eightyeightfan1

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    How long have you had it?
    Like a brand new loco, it might just need breaking in.
    You also might want to try a little Labelle White grease on the gears.
    Hope this helps.
  4. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Needs oil? :) Sorry that wasn't very helpful but I couldn't resist. Actually maybe some light lubricant might help... ?
  5. nachoman

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    If you have sound equipped locos, turn the volume up :)


    the real ones make noise, BTW :)

    PS, I really like that scene. it reminds me of more than a few places I have been.
  6. mentor63

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    Thanks for the inputs so far. Steamhead, I double checked: Walthers 933-3170, walking beam/"horse head" oil pump is what they call it.

    I think the noise is largely in the electric motor gearing, 933-1050, or the way the gears interface between the motor and surface mounted oil pump. Walthers suggested I build an enclosure below the surface of the layout surrounding the motor, which is attached below the pump, to muffle the sound, but I think that was just a thought rather than a proven solution. I tried lubrication without much help and the one on my N scale layout has never "broken in".

    I reminds me of how older model locos are alot more noisy than the new ones. I just thought maybe there might be a similar way to improve the motor and gearing for this oil pump.

    Sounds as if no one has had personal experience with this though, but thanks for your thoughts. Thanks, Gary
  7. steamhead

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    I tried the "muffle enclosure" idea on an Atlas turntable....Didn't do squat. There's just too many pathways for the vibrations to get out and make noise....:curse:
  8. mentor63

    mentor63 Member

    That is kind of what I suspected. Thanks, Gary
  9. Russ Bellinis

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    I have quieted Athearn locomotive gear boxes down by disassembling them and cleaning out the lube. Then I reassemble them with a dab of tooth paste instead of lube, and run them for 20 minutes or so in each direction. The toothpaste is about the finest abrasive that is generally available anywhere. After using the toothpaste to polish the gears, I disassemble the gear boxes and clean everything in a alcohol bath. Then reassemble with the correct La Belle plastic compatible oil, and the engines run a lot quieter than stock out of the box. The same thing might work for the gear boxes on your oil wells.
  10. mentor63

    mentor63 Member

    That sounds like something worth trying! If I can get the assemble off the layout (I probably used GOO to secure it to the surface), I'll give it a try. Thanks, Gary
  11. ed acosta

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    Russ, Thats right! Gears have TEETH. Should you floss between the teeth before or after the toothpaste application?

    Sorry, I just couldn't leave it alone.

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