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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Virginian, Mar 17, 2001.

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    Hi Dave, et al
    Ok, I tried using <img> before and after the "location of the image"...will this work without a web site, ie.,using my email address, and the location in my computer's files? Please take a look at my first test post and give me some more imput.
    I believe I might come up with a good number of items of interest to other members, over time(not just 'personal chat' with shamus...I can send to his email [​IMG] ) Sorry I'm so 'ungenius' about computers...I'm almost as new to this E stuff as I am to railmodeling!!!!

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    You need to do something like this--


    Note the square brackets. You can obtain the url when you have the picture on your screen, assuming you have it somewhere on the internet already. The url will be in the location (with Netscape) or address (witn Iinternet Explorer) line. Use copy and past to capture it and put it into your posting.

    If you look at one of my postings with a picture and then click on the edit icon, you should be able to see an example.

    My photo albums:

    Southbury, CT

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