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Discussion in 'Modular Layout Forum' started by MasonJar, Apr 5, 2005.

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    Thanks for the link! Great stuff, and nice pics too...

    (Moderator's note to self... I can't believe it's been a year since we added something here...!!) ;) :D sign1

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    Anderson PowerPoles

    And another year goes by... :mrgreen:

    Here's a link to the PowerWerx for Anderson PowerPole electrical connectors

    They have Anderson PowerPole electrical connectors that we use for connecting our Free-MOn30 modules.

    They are also endorsed by several other module groups.

    The great thing about the Anderson PowerPoles is that they are gangable and hermaphroditic. That means that multiple PowerPoles can be ganged together to make custom plugs for as many or as few wires as you need. It also means that they are not "Male" and "Female" which is great for Free-Mo modules.

    Free-Mo modules can be turned end for end and still fit and connect into a modular layout. With older Cinch-Jones or Molex connectors, it requires that both "Male" and "Female" connectors be wired onto both ends of the module. Using some trailer connectors, you can run into the same problem.

    Because the PowerPole connectors are "Hermaphoditic", only one connector is needed at each end of the module.

    They are very affordable and it's easy to order them online. :thumb::twisted:
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    Thanks for the yearly update! ;) :D

    The two-pin trailer plugs are "reversable" as well, and can be had in wire gauge 10AWG or possibly even bigger. Great for carrying your power bus across modules.

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    If you're unsure of your skills as a carpenter, consider purchasing a modular, precut, and predrilled wooden kit. Following the instructions, you just assemble all the parts provided and in no time at all, you have benchwork.

    The beauty of this method is that disassembling the benchwork in order to move it to another room in your house is just as easy as assembling it.

    These options may suit you well for a while. However, as you travel to shows and you find yourself more interested in the hobby, you may think about building your own benchwork. In other words, creating the perfect table to hold your individually designed layout.

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