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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by chipmonk, Mar 11, 2004.

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    hi all,
    im fairly new to this forum and have gotten some good help so far so i thought id start a topic! so any way came upon this modular switching plan and i like it i was just wondering what other people thought and perhaps if theres something i could change to make it better or more operationaly interesting so heres what i got so far. all suggestions, welcome! BTW im working in HO.

    top modual goes on the left middle in the middle and bottom on the right. Drawings should be about to scale and each modual is 2'X4'

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    Hi Chris,

    It is a little hard to tell how it fits together because of the size of the drawing. I cut and pasted it together - I hope that is ok.


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  3. MasonJar

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    So here are my comments....

    Looks pretty good overall. Are you following the free-mo standard? If yes, the right edge of the left module, and the left edge of the middle module will probably not connect to anything else becasue of the angle at which the "north" track crosses between the modules.

    I like the mix of trailing and facing spurs for the industries.

    The run-around track that spans the middle and right module looks a bit short. It could be extended into the middle of the middle module (unless you have something planned there...).

    For some interesting standard and free-mo module ideas, look at these links:

    HOTrak - my local modular club. Look in the gallery for the Castor River Railroad - it is a work in progress, but an amazing industrial zone made on 4 four-foot modules. (They are built to the standard format.)

    Railway Bob's pages on modular railroading. Take a look at the "modular" link for a how-to on building, and the "layout" link for his very interesting module layout for Bancroft and Irondale. Bob sometimes posts here on The Gauge - he is a great guy, and has been very helpful in getting me involved in the club noted above.

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks for the advice looking at it again i agree that the run around track is a little short ill have to fix that. thanks for the cut and paste job! i wanted to do that myself by i think i need to download the right software. those links look good to ill have to check em out.

    thanks again
  5. MasonJar

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    I used a bit of a mix of software that I have on my computer right now - but mostly MS Photo Editor (to cut the pieces out) and MS PowerPoint (to put them in the right order), then back to Photo Editor to crop and rework as a jpeg.

    jon-monon recommends "The G.I.M.P.". Do a search for the tutorial(s) and link.


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