Modified XTrkCad parameter file for Kato Unitrak

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by pasayten, May 18, 2006.

  1. pasayten

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    Hi all,

    I used XTrkCad to design my first n scale layout... a modified scenic ridge that I posted awhile back in the N/Z forum...

    Anyway, I ended up using some of the misc Unitrak package pieces (1 1/8 and 1 3/4) which where not actually in the XtrkCad Unitrak parameter file library. You could have used a piece of the 90 crossing for the 1 3/4, but I wanted the correct part numbers to come out in the parts list and also needed the 1 1/8. So, I have modified the default "kato-n.xtp" paramter library for XTrkCad. I just replaced my default library. You could rename it and load it as a custom library, but I did not bother to do this... The additions were very simple and no need for making things more complicated!

    I have attached the file in two versions... as a text file (.txt 46kb) as it is one of the allowed formats for uploading to this forum. You would have to rename it to kato-n.xtp and put it in the parameter sub-directory of XTrkCad... and as a zip file (.zip 7kb) that will extract to kato-n.xtp and need to be placed in sub-directory mentioned above.

    Use either one... and happy designing/dreaming...

    If there is a better place to upload this to, please advise... I did not see a "download" section for this forum.

    Happy RR!


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    Thank you for this file. :thumb:
  3. sumpter250

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    pasayten, DayUnionRR,
    Welcome, and thanks for your posts. For the time being, what you have here looks like it will work the best. I'll see if there would be a better place for the files, but if I were looking for this information, Track Planning would be the first place I would go.

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