Modified Black Swan antisubmarine sloop 1944

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by barry, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. CRS

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    Nowdays most publishers print things like barrels on normal paper (soft one like that one for printers), older one (especialy Maly modelarz) got fuzzy tough paper wich is almost unable to roll smoothly :) only wtering and hours of rolling on pencils toothpics, old radio antenas can give good results. And there is another question than...why you are building models from home prints when u got acces to printed releases? (Maybe it is quite strange for me cause printing cost in Poland are to high for me?) Is it only matter of scale? or costs of buying those printed models from publishers?
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    Hi, CRS!:)

    Besides the occassional free download available throughout the internet, I buy all of my models online, a good portion of which are digital downloads. I have also purchased many CDs from places like Fiddler's Green and other sellers who offer their models on a CD. I have many published models which are available only in printed format, but I still don't like to take a chance and cut them up, in case I make a mistake or I find a fitting problem during constructions. It has become a habit to make a copy of every printed model by scanning as a backup. As I mentioned, I am lucky my printer is fairly good so I print the scanned version and work with that, which gives me the option of printing it out at reduced scale where desired. I can also open some of the scans into Photoshop Elements and make alterations I want to the original scans, which I then save as a separate file. I have do this regularly, my most recent being a recolor of Fiddler's Green Yak 38. It also gives me a bit of practice in designing on a very elementary level some aspects of the original model to fit my needs. I also use watercolors to color a number of parts during the build, which is why I don't hesitate to scratch build parts of the model where I feel I can do a better version than the kit part provides. If you haven't seen it I did just this with the Krefeld which I rescaled to 1/1000, originally a 1/500 scale freighter from WHV. The most attractive part of this is how I have almost unlimited options to work with a given model, be it in a published paper format or digital download (unless the orignal file is locked and I can't re-open it to work with it). The actual printing cost is relative cheap, which is good because I make a lot of mistakes during the course of the build.:grin: Oh, the printing cartridge can be expensive, as is the card paper, but it sure beats buying two or more printed copies of the same model when I make a mistake. However, I like buying the models in printed form, especially when the particular model is not available elsewhere as a downloaded version, mostly because it helps keep the designers going in their wonderful work and able to offer newer and better kits in the future. I am very sensitive to their plight, as it was not so long ago that there were not as many models available online...yep, I can remember those days, and they weren't all that long ago. Since there are no stores around where I live that sell them I am lucky many folks have taken on the job of opening up online shops to sell paper models, and I want to keep that industry active and alive, for personal and perhaps selfish reasons.:wink:

    Gee, I hope Barry doesn't come back and feel we hi-jacked his build thread.:oops:

    I would be more than happy to continue this type of discussion in a new thread if you or anyone else is interested...I think it's great to understand how we each work in our area of the world in paper modeling, as I am sure there are many differences that dictate how we go about pursuing or love of paper modeling. As I mentioned earlier, I feel many great ideas come from such discussions and one can always learn a lot from another given the chance to talk about of the very valuable and attractive things about our hobby which I think is somewhat unique to our pursuit, at least that has been my experience compared to the older hobbies like wooden ship models.

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    Cigarette rolling papers are usually rice paper. You can get rice paper in all sorts of thicknesses and sizes from craft shops. The origami people tend to use rice paper in preference to other papers.

    We can get Polish printed models - the point about scanning and printing is that it's easy to reprint a part if you make mistakes during construction. Also if you want to rescale or recolour a printed model there is no other option.

    The printing cost can be held down to reasonable by using a printer in which the cartridges can be refilled.


  4. barry

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    Black Swan colours


    Sorry you do not like the colours luckily for me I do apart from the fact that it is an alpha, build model. Perhaps you can suggest some better colours maybe you could post swatches of better choices of colours for the next build.

    I don't want to build the Polish Navy and the german heavies have been done to death so I choose my own ships for my own enjoyment. My fingers ain't so good anymore so I don't roll gun barrels these days.

    @Jim and all
    But feel free to use this thread all makes a change to have some comments I will read the rest when I come back.

    Have fun


  5. Jim Krauzlis

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    Thanks, bazzer, I did not want to detract from your excellent build thread.

    Color schemes can be tricky, and the finished print depends sometimes on the printer and how it handles the program.
    I use a HP 960C to print out my models and the print quality seems to come out fairly well. I once used an earlier printer, a HP Deskjet 964C, and never liked the quality of the print even when selecting the highest quality printout option...always came out grainy. If I were more computer literate I might be able to figure out a way around that, but I'm not. :)

    Hope you are enjoying the Holiday with the little lad!:)

    Enjoy yourself and see you when you get back.

  6. CRS

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    barry - I was not talking about painting scheme but try to use this print as a base, wich you can paint. try to paint whole parts in proper colors, I would recommend acrylic enamel paint(like pactra) because you can paint paper by brush and they don't leave trails. And build whatever model you like it is not my business and if you understood me like I was trying to convince you to building polish navy vessels you misunderstood me :>
  7. Maurice

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    I believe it's a very little and very recent great grandson.:)


    Congratulations to all parties concerned.

  8. Jim Krauzlis

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    Indeed he is, Maurice...and bazzer is most likely doing all he can to rightly spoil him, as every Granddad should.:grin:

  9. silverw

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    Paper Model Ship Sesigner!!!

    Hi Barry...

    Looks like you have another WINNER, going here!!!
    Fantastic work that you are doing!!

    Please don't let the "Nay sayers" discourage you in any way!!

    Your models are GREAT!!!

    And, if the worst thing they can say, is that the color isn't right!!, well, I guess that means that you have done one hell of a job in making the model!!!

    I can't wait for the rest of it!!!

  10. silverw

    silverw Member

    Master ship builder!!!

    Hey Barry...

    We are still eagerly awaiting your return!!!

    Of course...hoping that you are having fun where you are!!!

    I would expect that you have taugh the little guy that there are other uses for glue!!! ( probably doesn't taste very good!!!)

  11. barry

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    Not a lot

    Hi All

    Yes our street cred has gone, "great" grandparent rather points to the age it would go down well with the Chinese though.

    I'm looking forward to finishing the first run on this one then a redraw I think.
    One problem is the printing at the moment is 300 dpi and also I learnt a lot from this build.

    Thanks for the kind words fellas.

    It's good to have a discussion going again on any thread at least you know someone is reading it.


    Sorry I can be a bit of a "windup artist" at times I think a thread on painting models and adding plastic foam padding inside fuslages and hulls would make a good discussion thread. I have to admit my painting would be awful with a brush and really I think it takes you back to plastic models and loses a lot of detail I could not reproduce freehand.


  12. barry

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    Getting there

    Hi All

    Very slowly adding the rails and sticking down the bits and pieces not too happy with the motor launches so I will probably have another go at them. Still a lot of little bits like bollards and one of the depth charges has gone overboard.





  13. mOONwOKA

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    Although a bit dragged behind, i would like to add to all those admiring Your work. As a RN fan, i sometimes tempt myself into scratchbuilding one ship or another. Glad to see smobody's doing more than that ;-)

    I just have one question - where do You get reference material for Your builds?
  14. Gregory Shoda

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    Modified Black Swan scratchbuild


    I also would like to complement you on your skill in using computers to scratchbuild and apply camouflage & coloring to your model builds.

    I can't imagine how you do it! Great work!!


    G. Shoda
  15. barry

    barry Active Member

    plans and things

    Thank you for the kind words it's all purely mechanical and a lot of torn up rejects plus if you get stuck someone here will help you out. The plans most have been sent to me luckily and has some good ship plans but I like the ones the big boys do not make.

    I must finish Starling it is a case of getting out the soldering iron and redoing the bridge.


  16. rmks2000

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    This ship is beautiful! And it looks like it doesn't have too many fiddly bits for a noob ship builder.

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