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    Looking for anyone who has built a modern rail station. I am in the process of imagineering my future N scale layout. I have done quite a bit of research on modern stations and decided that I will probably build my own. I have found some great ideas at websites for architectural models, but nothing built FOR a layout. Anybody have any good ideas or photos?
    I'll probably mesh the main station with a portion of an airport. I found a source for 1/150 airliners, so I've gotta have those! In case, it's not apparent, this will be a fictional transportation hub.
    I have one Tomix Tsubame Shinkansen at the moment with plans to buy at least one more. So the structure will probably be a glass/steel affair with architectural detail, not really sure yet.
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    Hi Sunburn...

    Welcome to The Gauge!

    We have a guy in our local modular club ( who is planning to build the Ottawa, Ontario "modern" VIA rail station. It is not really modern - now almost 40 years old. It actually has heritage designation, while the original Grand Trunk station does not... :rolleyes:

    Anyway, he is currently in the planning stages, so we do not have any pictures yet. Here are a few links to pictures of the real thing:

    Grand Trunk Station

    New station

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for the reply

    That looks ambitious! Here are some of my inspirations....

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    Wow, that's ambitious!

    Here is a modern station (also Ottawa) that has actually been built as a module in the same club (sorry - no photo yet)

    Fallowfield Station

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    Oops. I had glanced at the first photo of the post and saw the gothic structure with all the arches. The second one is a little more doable. Yeah, these pics seem ambitious. We see how the final product turns out. Probably ends up as a pipecleaner with a piece of cardboard stuck to it..ha ha.
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    shortliner Member try this, about halfway down the page you'll find a reply with photos - it's well worth reading through the whole thread (about six pages) as he uses all sorts of unusual items to create his city. Sorry to come to this late - I knew I'd seen a modern "station building", but was having trouble in finding my way back to it - I'd originally followed links across threads. The memory is going (slowly but surely!). Anyway HIH
    Shortliner(Jack)away up here in the Highlands
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    Thanks for the link

    I kind of liked the concept of the station. It reminds me of a deco-style building circa-80's Miami. I could see Crockett and Tubbs strolling out and getting into the Daytona. I liked the edge coloring on the walls. One of the things I would like to do is to put either an outdoor mural or a monument in front of the station. For a mural, I'm thinking about a Robert LaDuke piece (see below) or for a monument, probably a suitable pewter figure or two painted in stone or bronze. I'm both happy and confounded that my layout will be N scale. It will allow me more freedom, but less detail.

    In case anyone cares here is a link to a link page with a plethora (thank you Three Amigos!) of N scale vehicles.

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    Other ideas in the works

    Here are the road logos I came up with. These will be dependent upon whether I can find the replacement body shells for the Shinkansen train that I have and those that I will buy in the future. Tomix does such a museum-quality job on their decaling and paint that it would be a crime to paint over the OEM shells. SO...if I find the body shells, my passenger, freight and misc. will have the following logos which were cobbled together from an old Slovakian national rail logo.

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  10. I spent too much of the last 40 years in various airports to want to start modeling them now I've retired.
    They are huge places, even without the runways, so where possible modern airports put a lot of things underground, including interfaces with other transport systems.

    You could show the stations as a cutaway in the front of the layout board. You would be able to get away with just a couple of tracks and stairs to other levels.
    Likewise with the bus station. Here with careful use of a coule of mirrors and buses painted different styles on each side you vould make it look huge. This trick was first used by John Allen. Thinking about it, the same trick used on the airside could make that seem much bigger.

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    Size matters

    I decided quite a while ago that I would just model an apron of the airport. Forget the terminals. I'll do an apron with either military aircraft or civilian models you would see parked on aprons (versus parked at a terminal). The rest of the airport will be photoshopped in (that is, if I do a backdrop).

    I have been thinking about the cutaway ideas. Since I will be tunnelling a portion of the route, I might do that. I had originally planned on buying additional car sets for the bullet trains, but now, I'll keep the smaller trains so I can keep the station(s) from sprawling too much.

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