Models with Moving Parts?

Discussion in 'Everything else' started by xyberz, Jan 17, 2007.

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    Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct category or not. If it isn't, can a moderator please move it to the appropriate one?

    Okay, I just wanted to ask everyone about paper models with moving parts. I see that most at static, but I'm interested in ones that have moving parts and limbs.

    I'd like to study the design of the mobility to possibly incorporate them into my own personal models that I want to design.

    So hopefully people can point me into the right directions of where I can get such models or post pictures of models with moving parts.

    I'm preferably looking for models that relate to robotic movement, vehicles, and aviation, as those are the types of models that I will be getting into.

    Ideas would also be great if you don't have any links or pictures of models with moving parts.

    It doesn't have to be completely paper either. It can have other materials that help the paper model to move or be mobile.

    Also transforming models would be excellent.
  2. Amazyah

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    Not really sure if this will help but they have a lot of models which are called automata because of the moving parts.
    Some of their models have gears and they have a section on different movements that can be achieved.
    I have a couple other sites that I remember seeing and they may help, but I will have to search through my database of links to find them.
    I hope this one helps some for now.

  3. xyberz

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    Very nice links. Please keep them coming. Thanks :grin:
  4. Lex

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    I remember seeing a paper clock (working) on LHVCC Egiftshop's photo gallery. It's really amazing.
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  7. 46rob

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    For a method of hinging flight controls--check out this:
    Also check out his robotics page. He used to have an articulated hand that he designed on one of the pages--but I'm not sure if it still is there.
  8. stagecoach

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    does that thing move by itself like that and move around the table to boot??

    I don't remember the site cause the info went with the crash but
    maybe someone else knows where it is.
    The site not only had moving models but it also had templates for
    the many parts and ways of them being used.

    Getting to old to remember everything
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    I know of three 1/33 kits that have moving variable-sweep wings: The GR1 (?) Tornado by GPM and Halinski, and the F-111 Aardvark by Fly Model. There are probably others (besides all those spinning props.) In these kits (which I have but have not built) the wings are linked through pushrods (wire) and cams (paper).

    On the Leopold that I'm building (See "Kit Reviews), the gun elevates and a couple of pistons move but nothing fancy. (I'm building the kit but haven't gotten that far.)

    No worrries,
  11. rickstef

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    All the F-14 Tomcat models I have all have a "mechanism" to sweep its wings

  12. xyberz

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    Hey Rickstef,

    Would any of those F-14 models you have happen to be free?

    Also thanks Sheila, I have the trebuchet and the weapons you've designed. Very nice work. I have yet to build them. :grin:
  13. rickstef

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  14. Fishcarver

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    Depends upon what parts need to move, I suppose.....:)

    In my "one-man war against the rising price of p*****c", I enjoy the challenge of making moving parts for my armour models. Experimentation: that is the key! Need a hinge for a rudder? build one off the model! (I mean, as a separate project.

    Invest in such items as thin wire, brass/aluminum foil, etc and set them aside for future use. You never can tell!

  15. stagecoach

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    If I need things like hinge pins for models I take plain paper and roll it as thin as I can then pour super glue down core to stiffen works for me.

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