Modelling the truck loading area of an industry

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by edburchell, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. edburchell

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    Two questions acually....
    1) I'm having trouble trying to find a way to model concrete for the entire industry complex? How did the rest of you model it? and if you did, could you post some pics?
    2) My industries are level with the top of the roadbed...but my main street will be 1/4" below that....any ideas on the transition between the industry concrete pad and the asphalt road? If you could post pics, that would be great?
  2. i know where i work the have parts of a old railroad that runs up next to the building where they have roll up doors. the track is imbeded into the pavement unto wich the track is nolonger in service but the trucks back up to them doors now. if you would like to see some pics just reply back and ill be happy to:wave:
  3. brakie

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    1.Not all industries have concrete sounding the plant..Gravel is also use..The way I would model a concrete shipping/receiving pad is to use Dry Wall Compound or Plaster and paint with Polly Scale Concrete paint(414317) mixed with SP Lark Dark Gray(414182) Note any Polly Scale Dark Gray should work..Follow this up with Grimy Black(414137) for tire ware areas and Oily Black(414326) as needed for oil leaks from the tractors.
    2..A sloping drive way should work.
  4. jetrock

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    Drywall compound works for making a slope--practice with some "test areas" first. Much of my layout is in-street trackage, I use 1/8" foamcore (thin sheets of foam with cardboard on either side) to build up below the streets, using "Aileen's Tacky Glue" (basically thick PVA) to hold it down, and add .020" sheet styrene on the top (I purchase this in 4x8 foot sheets from industrial suppliers, one 32-sf sheet typically costs about the same as two packs of Evergreen .020" styrene at the hobby shop.) 1/8"+.020" is about the same as Code 100 track plus the ties beneath it, so I use this in conjunction with Atlas or Peco Code 100 rails and switches. For my industries that also receive truck service, typically there are loading doors higher up on the wall or a separate truck loading dock on the building.

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