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  1. Cascade Man

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    Broke big ground today.. I finished my first kit! :mrgreen: Even though it took me to screw up the first one and spend and $25 to buy another and then procceded to ruin my $39 kit wall1. It was a on30 10ft box car and it turned out awesome (2nd attempt). Here's my question... what kind of glue does everyone use for their models? I bought Rite Aid super glue that worked well of the big resin parts but because it's so runny and thin it made it diffecult fot the small, more detailed parts. Any tips? I would like to know what kind of glue to use for all the small tiny detailing parts :)

    Cascade Man
  2. Doctor G

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    Hi Cascade Man,

    I know what you mean about those runny liquid ACC glues. Prying my fingers apart to type this was quite the chore.

    Interestingly the ACC glue also comes as a gel and when this is used you get much more control. A toothpick is a great way to put just a tiny speck of this gel on the little part you are working with.

    ACC gels are now even sold at WalMart.

    I hope this helps.
    Dr Tom:cool:
  3. mrtazvan

    mrtazvan MrTazVan

    Gel 4 small PARTS

    Gel is the only way to go for the small parts and dont use a broken tooth pick

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