modelik paint match (hummel,puma)

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    does anyone who has these two kits have a paint match for the two vehicles i usally would mix to match as i go in designers gouache/watercolor but for these two ill be using avantcards nuts and diamond plate which will reqire full painting as apposed to edge touching
    im looking for

    base color for both vehicles
    both colors from hummels camo(dark green,earth brown)

    in acrylics and emamel
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    The basic scheme for 1943 onwards vehicles was:
    RAL7028 (Dunkelgelb) base coat with RAL6003 (Ovligrun) and RAL8017(Rotbraun) patterns.

    Unfortunately the RAL colours changed after WW2 so there's no definitive guide to these colours since no colour chips or charts survived. Don color ( may be the closest we can get to the original colours - most of the major model paint manufacturers have their versions of the WW2 RAL colours but some of these are pretty approximate.

    Another take on the RAL colours is at

    In reality there was probably a lot of variation in the RAL colours applied to vehicles since the paints were made by different manufacturers and processes. I think the bottom line is that there aren't "correct" colours - a reasonable approximation is the best you can hope for.


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    I can only speak to the Puma as I do not have the Hummel.

    The upper parts of the model are very yellow in appearance while the undersides are closer to the dark tan color. When finished the model was too yellow for my taste. Too “weather” the model I applied a watercolor wash of Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre. I applied darker colors to the seams on the fenders and such.

    I also use Watercolors to “Paint” large surfaces I can only advise that you add a drop or two of liquid soap to your water and apply the watercolor with a fairly thick consistency. Additional coats of thinner paint will even out the color. I have no problems using water colors on laser cut parts. Though I do air brush track links rather then using a brush to apply the water colors.

    Watch out for the fenders on the Puma the rear section is about 2 mm longer then the underside and you will need to fix it.

    Jim Nunn

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    i have found a few of cheap sellers on ebay who sell the ral colors now i know what im looking for and a fair few sites on mixing brand paints to the correct color

    ps. thanks for the heads up on the puma :thumb:


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