Modelik #6/09 Bn2t+t Henschel T2-71 Locomotive

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  1. treadhead1952

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    Hi All,

    First off, Technical Specs:

    Publisher: MODELIK
    Kit #6/09
    Author: Jan Kolodziej
    Scale: 1:25
    Parts: 960
    Difficulty: difficult
    Length: 324mm
    width: 75mm
    Instructions: In Polish
    Instructions pages: 3
    Layouts page : 6
    Parts pages: 12
    Format: A4

    I ordered this from one of my Stateside Card Model purveyors and when I went to check my PO Box this morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that the local Postal powers actually placed the package in one of their large lockers rather than wad it up in my little PO Box. Getting it home I promptly checked it over to see if it was indeed worth the roughly $9 I spent on it. The kit is up to Modeliks' usual excellent quality printing, nice bright colors and everything in register. The cover is of the little Loco and tender pulling a boxcar of some sort.


    The back cover shows the authors' (Jan Kolodziej) build out in his garden I suppose, but it does give you several views of the built model to aid in parts placement and how things should look when you get it completed.


    Here is one of the parts pages to give you an idea of how they appear, it is in 7 colors and as I said, in nice sharp register.


    This little loomotive model represents one that was manufactured in Germany in 1939 by Henschel in Kasel for the Franz Harberl company of Stuttgart. There were three or four variants of this engine type, this one being the Riesa Class. In 1941 it was commandeered by the military to run supplies to one of their military bases and given the number HF 7038. It chugged along all through the war years and was given to Poland as a war reparation at hostilities end. It was used and kept in inventory there until 1984 when it was retired and passed on to the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum at Wenejca, Poland where it is still on display. The title name of Bn2t+t indicates the locomotive with the final "t" showing that it has a tender attached to add to it's capabilities.

    There are a couple of builds of this little kit that I have found out there on the internet to assist in building it. There are more variants of this engine type in other Modelik and Promodel kits as well. Reading through one of them I discovered that if you want to add all the rivets that it requires, better be prepared to go over 1400 in all.:eek:

    Don't know when I will get around to building it, but I do plan on doing so. I have a couple of other 1/25 scale kits in the stash to go along with it. Although it will dwarf the "N" Scale model RR that I have. sign1
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    I once wondered why anyone would build a model of a train, till I started seeing them. They really do make awesome models, with all the little parts, and doodads (I can't believe Microsoft spell check didn't flag doodads!), these make wonderful models, especially these small work locomotives. I think they make the best candidates, (excluding Kooklik's Union Pacific BigBoy, which is a class by itself).

    This will be fun to watch! :)
  3. treadhead1952

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    Hi Zathros,

    Seeing what Za Reis had done with his Bn2t+t was what prompted me to buy this one. Darn shame that he passed away such a short time after he had posted that build. There were so many more models that he could have turned into masterpieces for us all to enjoy.
  4. Zathros

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    Ze Reisis missed by many. He has produced many models, all were masterpieces. Surely a wonderful modeler, and person, from what I am told from those who knew him. :)

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