Model Railway Imports, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

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    I am sorry to in form you that H.W. Madgwick (Madg) died on January 11, 2006 after a brief decline.
    Madg carried on business as Model Railway Imports, one of the first firms to carry a significant amount of British railway items in Canada. He was also a founding member of The Platelayers railway club.
    Magd leaves his wife of 60 years, Iris.

    Iris will have to wind up the business. She has asked that anyone who thinks they have an outstanding order with them to contact her, as some of the records are incomplete.
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    That is sad news David, They did a great service to a LOT of modelers.

    Her passing will be felt by a lot of folk. :(
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    That is sad news. My condolences to his wife and family.
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    Sorry to hear this David. Thank-you for letting us know, and my condolences to Iris and his family and friends.

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