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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Old_Bob, Dec 26, 2006.

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    Hi, guys.
    I've been off-line a few days while we moved to Eagle CO from sunny southern CA and I'm temporarily relegated to using a library computer. Bear with me; this thing doesn't spell worth a darn.

    In planning the basement construction here I broke the news to my wife and daughter that I wanted an HO layout around the perimeter of my office, and while surprised, they agreed! :)

    I just went online to get a subscription started to Model Railroading Magazine and was informed that they recently ceased publiction!:cry: Now what do I do? Is there another magazine of similar quality?

    My computer time here is irregular to say the least, but I will get your responses sooner or later. And thanks!
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    Are you sure that it wasn't Model Railroader magazine that you were after? I believe they're the one with the greatest circulation. Another good choice is Railroad Model Craftsman. It's not quite as polished as Model Railroader, but in my opinion, geared towards the more serious modeller.

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    Model Railroading is indeed gone.

    As suggested by others, Model Railroader is an option for a general MRRing magazine, as is MRC (although I rarely get it - they never seem to be modeling something I'm interested in).

    Lately, I have been enjoying more road specific magazines/journals, such as Remember the Rock, The Rocket, or The Rock Island Digest. The last two are published by the Rock Island Technical Society.

    There may be simular magazines for the road(s) you are interested in. :)

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