Model Of The Week: Porter Bash !!

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Quarryman, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Very Very nice!!! :thumb::thumb::thumb: The lokie came out beautiful. I like the weathering as well. Are you using chalks,powders,washes, or paint for that great rust dust look????

    I am looking forward to your next project.

    Doc Tom:mrgreen:
  2. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    Hi Tom. :twisted:

    Airbrushed with Humbrol #67 Tank Gray, matt enamel.

    weathered with Pastel Chalk dust and fixed with Testors Dull Coat.

    Quick and easy.

    :wave::wave: Joe.
  3. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Thanks Joe for the info. Gonna have to try this some time.
    Doc Tom:thumb::thumb:
  4. dchvalentine

    dchvalentine New Member

    Wow, I'm impressed. You've given me inspiration to paint and weather my own Porter. Btw, hey everyone, newbie here. Hope I can learn a few things here.
  5. kennyrach

    kennyrach Member

    Wow O Wow you do some real fine work into the detail on these model i going to try to make a riveting tool any ideal for me on that
  6. prastiajibayu

    prastiajibayu New Member

    we can use styrene sheet for build model??
    nice and great...
  7. anubis51

    anubis51 Little Loco

    Hi Joe,

    Great work on the Porter too!!

    As I mentioned mate, you're an inspiration - especially to us blokes that are all thumbs!

    One question though - how on earth do you manage to keep your workbench so neat and tidy??? :?:?:?

  8. Quarryman

    Quarryman Member

    I must confess..... it's not always that tidy....
  9. ufhc

    ufhc ufhc

    Porter Bash

    I cannot view the thumbnails even though they say thery are jpg files.
  10. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    you have to register, and log in to see the files.

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