Mixing N & Z Scales

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Mike P, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. Mike P

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    Great site, after just finishing my first N Scale layout, I discovered this site, well better late than never.

    My question is I am planing a second N Scale layout approximately 40" by 8 or 9 Ft. In one section I had planned on building a small mountain community and possibly using z cale as a narrow guage RR for servicing the mountain community from the N scale RR.

    Does anyone think this is fooloshness or has it been done where it does look acceptable?
  2. Fred_M

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    Welcome to the gauge. It's has been done and even has a name. Nn3. Search that term here. Mathyro is doing a logging line on his N scale layout as we speak in that gauge. Fred
  3. shaygetz

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  4. SAL Comet

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    Welcome aboard Mike, I'm thinkin' someone here has tried all sorts of "foolishness" with good results. :D
  5. ausien

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    welcome to the gauge Mike, and yes it has been done before and can look realy good and work well together and as dash said its called Nn3. I was going to do it on the Feather river as a quarrie industry but went with plan N gauge, cost was a major factor for me. have a good one..steve
  6. Mike P

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    Thanks Everyone for the responses. I am going to have a go at it.
  7. shaygetz

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  8. mhdishere

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    Again, welcome!

    Note one thing, you can't just run Z scale trains. (Well, you can, it's your railroad and you can do what you like!). If you want it to look realistic you'll need N scale narrow gauge trains to run on the Z scale track.

    Sorry if you already knew that.

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