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  1. Starman

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    I was giving some Minitrix N-Scale trains this weekend by my stepfather that someone was going to throw away and he brought them to me.The problem that i have is that all the words on the manuals that came with the trains are in german.I don't speak german and i am having one heck of a time trying to understand what to do with these trains.I know that they are n-scale because on some of the boxes they say 9mm and they have a big N on them.The best that i can understand is that these were built in germany because they have some real small metal rolling stock as well as 10-12 passenger cars.The set also came with buildings and plenty of track and a lot of turnouts.I have no ideal what type of transformer that you need to run this and i have no ideal what to do with them .I have just found a web site and i know that these trains are not cheap. I have 2 of the DB Freight Locomotives with tenders and i also have 1 D R Steam CL 89 and lots of rolling stock.If anyone could help me with this i would be grateful.I have a HO layout now and maybe if i can find out what type of transformer this needs i may just change over to N-Scale.
  2. 60103

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    Starman: Your HO power pack will work with N gauge. The electrical requirements are the same, except that you can probably run more N gauge trains on the same pack.
    Minitrix were some of the more solid N gauge trains. You should have no problems if you treat them the same as your HO trains.
  3. Starman

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    Thank you 60103, these came to me by way of a person who was going to throw them away because she did not have any use for them but they have some really differant turnout switches and i really would like to find something out about them.
  4. umtrr-author

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    Any chance of posting photos or scans?

    Are the trains European or North American roadnames? Some Minitrix North American prototype trains and some Minitrix track were marketed by Aurora under the "Postage Stamp" brand in the 1970's. That may be another avenue to explore in terms of finding information.
  5. Starman

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    I will try and get some photos taken this weekend and post them, i think all the trains are european but as for roadnames there is nothing on them.I will take a look tonight when i get home and jot down what is on them and maybe that will help someone to tell me what they are.I know that they say minitrix on the box and all so 9mm but i will look for the roadnames.
  6. Starman

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    Or click on "add to cart" below to buy this unit
    Here is a pic of the unit that i have.
  7. umtrr-author

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    That's definitely European! Clicking on the link shows that it's a German prototype. Considering that the vendor was quoting a price of US $222 it's probably worth holding on to!

    I'm definitely out of my element with respect to Minitrix' European offerings so I will have to defer to (I hope) someone else here who can be of more help.
  8. Triplex

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    They say "oil tender", but that looks like coal to me...
  9. Xaniel

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    Starman, I think I can help. The loco you presented here is a Classe 44 heavy freight Loco from the Deustche BundesBahn. That's an Epoche III loco. This loco was built from 1937, in the Deustche Reischbahn (DRG), Epoche II.

    Epoche II is from WWI until WWII.
    Epoche III is from WWII until 70's decade.

    I hope this helped.
  10. lucakiki

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    Minitrix is a good quality product. Their track mixes perfectly with Roco's.
    If you want to know more about them, you should get hold of an older catalogue. They made both European and US locomotives and Rolling stock. No problem mixing their products with those from other makes.
    I have a bunch of them.
    One neat sistem from Minitrix was their now obsolete EMS sistem. You could have with that two independent trains on the same circuit, and other two if you had an aerial line.
  11. Triplex

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    The Class 44s were known as Jumbos for being significantly heavier than the more common classes of 2-10-0. Oil-fired 44s were among the last working steam on DB, handling freight on the Rheine-Emden route until 1977.
  12. Starman

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    Sorry Triplex ,Lucakiki, Xaniel that it took so long to thank you all for your comments but i have been out of town for a while.I have been trying to find a way to read all the stuff that came with this set but to no prevail but where would i go to read up on this engine because as i said i have 2 of them and some other's and i don't know if i will ever get to put tghis together but if i do i would like to know what i am doing.I had someone offer me money for the set but i turned them down as i think they are cool just looking at them.

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