minimum radius for Kato Superliners

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Voice2, Nov 17, 2005.

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    I just read a thread here that said for IHC Heavyweights the minimum radius should be 22" to 24", with 30" being even better. He was having trouble with wobble (sounded like a combination of poor design and too small radius).

    If you have these Kato Superliners (Amtrak Phase IV) - will they work OK enough on an 18" radius? Also - with a 1 1/4" track spacing on a double mainline curve (the outside being 18 3/4") - will they knock off a train coming the other way?

    I don't have the passenger cars yet (although I own 2 of the Kato P42's), so I can't experiment.......
  2. Voice2

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    Maybe I need to re-phrase my question :confused:

    I plan to get some Kato Superliners (Amtrak Phase IV). Will they work OK on an 18.75" radius?

    I know it will be OK on the outside of my double track main (if I can put up with the look), but if I run them on the inside track (1 1/4" on center spacing) - will they interfere with a train on the outside track?

    And - how bad will the overhang be in anycase........

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    I ran superline on 9" curves without a problem. More overhang of course.

    Wen I ran on 19" curves on my last layout, they ran without a hitch. I don't recall the amount of overhang though, but I wanna say it wasn't much at all as i had some spots with double track and it didn't affect anything.
  4. Voice2

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    Thanks Shaun - sounds like I'll be OK!

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