MilesWestern's Time Travel Challenge!

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  1. MilesWestern

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    OK! I jump right on this one!

    With close attention to anachronistic detail, I portrayed 70 years of the (now gone) Arguello Branch of the MV&P. Note the buildings in the backround, the vechicles, and the trains, of course! [​IMG]

    It's 1895, and A diminutive SP mogul plodds across the crossing at arguello, protected by a flagman. This newly lain rail is destined to connect the fertile soils of the Salinas valley with the marketplace of america's cities, this little vegetable extra will be a common sight in the following months: It's harvest season!


    It's 1940, war looms in the distance, another 14 months. The sleepy, but growing town of Arguello had boomed thanks to the railroad, and locals still reap the rewards of having such a friendly transpotation system! [​IMG]


    Finally, it's 1965. A gleaming new SW1500 trundles quietly through the newly installed crossing signals. sunkist's new fleet of Ford C stakebeds have helped deliver local produce for a few years now, taking over the laborous work of switching long trains of ventilated boxcars, loaded with local fruits and vegetables, headed to the packing plants not 20 miles away. The railroad is both saddened and relieved that they no longer have such a surge in traffic come harvest season.

  2. joesho

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    wow thats good i like how the quality of photos gets better with time. big grin
  3. spitfire

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    Neat! Really like what you've done with the photos - from sepia to colour. :thumb:
  4. interurban

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    That is neat Miles.

    Any one else going to jump in here???????

    It`s a great challange .
  5. Chessie6459

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    That is a Great Time Travel Miles.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. jr switch

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    Pretty cool Miles! John R
  7. oldtanker

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    Miles, great job with that!


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