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    I recently purchased Micromarks beginner's casting set. I've made 2 molds from it and it works very well!!!:thumb: My question is though, what do you use to clean out the measuring cups?:curse: I've had no problem cleaning out the mixed cups, but the pre mix cups are a real pain!:curse: :curse: :curse:

    Please advise,
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    for mixing and pouring molds - use disposable dixie cups or plastic party cups. Then you do not need to clean anything. Use popsicle sticks for stirring. Never use your good china or eating supplies when working with chemicals - safety first!

    In order to reduce waste - measure the amount of mold supplies needed by using water to fill the mold first and then pouring it back into a measuring cup to determine the amount needed. Then add a little extra just to be safe.

    When you are done with molds - you can grind them up into little bits and use them as "filler" when making new molds in order to reduce costs.

    By the way - micromark mold making products are actually Smooth-on products, which are sold almost everywhere.

    If anyone else needs more info on mold making - just ask!

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