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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by msh, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I ordered a pair of Bachman Silver Series 40' Gondolas from 1stplacehobbies (only 40' I could afford that were acceptable) and when they arrived I was surprised to find they included loads and, more to the point, they had metal wheel sets. Well, let me say I love those wheels! Talk about roll factor.... I never would have thought they'd make such a difference.

    Prompts me to ask: considering my rolling stock is comprised of Athearn, Accurail and a few Bachman, what size wheel sets should I buy? So far I've replaced all couplers with the Kadee #5 and if I'm going to replace wheel sets too I may as well get the right ones. (BTW - the Bachman gondolas were a pain to install the Kadees into since the hole in the centering spring was too small to fit in the draft gear without filing down the [don't know the name of this] "knob" the screw goes into)
    Perhaps I should have gotten a different coupler for them?

    Now I've done it - mixed two subjects into one heading. Chaos will ensue as I proceed to entagle the entire area.
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    I use Life-Like wheel sets.
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