Messerschmitt 109 "Emil"

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    Some older models I made, in fact a rescale of Me 109 card model of Thai Paperwork. The original was at 1:100, I resized it for 1:87. Also paint used after all paper work was done, and some markings printed.

    Also a mini-scenery there.

    The aircraft pretends to be the Me109 of Joachim Muencheberg (1918-1943), but I made a mistake there (the propeller's cone had to be black and white, not red painted) and also a mistake on landing wheels (those white metal bars must be on interior side, stick to the wheel coverage - sorry, i don't know the specific names).


    A 'night flight'. Landing flaps pockets just painted on the wings, I should have cut them out.

    Then another Me109 E, this time a Romanian one, a machine that belonged to Ioan DiCezare (1916-2012), a Romanian ace that died two years ago, as general-lieutenant, and back in the days was a fighter in 7th Fighter Group that manage to escape from Stalingrad.


    This time, a better detail work, also a 'plexiglas' cockpit (in fact some transparent duct tape)[​IMG]

    No scenery for this one, didn't have time to do it, as I had to give it to somebody. In fact, both Me109 were given away as gifts for a friend and an uncle of mine. So sorry for the poor pics, I cannot take another ones.


    Thank you for patience,

    P.S. [​IMG] and [​IMG] . (photos of Wikipedia)
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    Nice little Bf 109's and I like the historic notes too.

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