Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka!

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Mastiffdog, Dec 24, 2003.

  1. Mastiffdog

    Mastiffdog Member

    And all that other holiday cheer! Thanks to everyone on this forum who has been patient and giving. I for one appreciate all of the helpful advice and discussions so many of you have provided.

    This is a wonderful forum and I hope that we're all back in full swing after the holidays.

    Please don't drink and drive. This year we have a designated driver. We all split the expenses and it is the best bargain there is out there for the holiday parties. Most important is the safety, no injuries to others, your loved ones and yourself. No attorneys to represent you for a DUI (which is a whole lot more expensive than you could ever imagine) and you can enjoy the evening responsibly.


    "Ready for the football games and some modeling on my days off"


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  2. interurban

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    Merry Christmas and happy Hannuka to you Dog.

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  3. shaygetz

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    I hope there was a 49er on the other end of that football...:eek:

    Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours:)

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