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Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Boris, Sep 21, 2004.

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    Hi Guys !
    When I got this model, I understood that everything has to wait (beside my exams of course ) and it's a model that I really want to build - nice color , weathering , rear corridor interior an ,of course , the mine plow . But then I loocked inside the booklet and realised that it's going to be very tough battle to build this model.
    First , as usual , almost no diagrams - only 4 diagrams while there is almost 250 parts only in the tank itself . So ,for the first time I tried to translate the written directions .At my work , my co-worker's grandmother speaks Polish and thanks to her I had the translation (BTW it didn't help - soon I'll explain about this).
    Second , there are not enogh formers to make the hule strong enough.The solution (made to late) was to reinforce the sides and the bottom of the tank (and maybe the fore and the aft ) by gluing these parts to 0.5 cardboard ( I used a cardboard from cereals - thank to my girlfriend in "supplying" those :) ) - the problem is that the rear corridor interior is supposed to be glued to the side parts and it would not fit to the reinforced sides ,but using some (brutal) force I managed to stick it in
    Third, I didn't like the paper on which the model was printed(maybe it's only for me) - solution was made instantly - to scan the model and to print it on my favorit 180g/m2 bristol paper
    As I mentioned early , there's not enogh building diagrams - and this for the tank that has very difficult asymmetrical upper part of the hull - again , I looked for info for this tank , which is very scarce .Talking about the hull there's very interesting way of building this one - the builder has to build all of the hull without the upper cover from fore to aft of the hull ,then to glue the "roof" (let's call it that ) and to the "roof" one has to glue the upper cover of the hull which , again , has pretty difficult shape and there's no explanation of how to form the upper cover - like one has to guess how to form it without seeng the real tank and not having a lot of pictures of the Merkava - for example - there's no diagram explaining how to form this part(made from 5 smaller parts ) and the text says somethig like "Now glue the part 14 after having formed it in right way (???)" .Somehow I managed to form this part (thanks to my friend Big Guy) .And here is it - another trouble - how do you glue huge part mesured almost 25 cm in length to a flat sheet of paper while trying to form it in right way while the formers can't support the "roof" - nevermind - I managed to do it after using some brutal force and some cursing :D . Again another trouble- to fit all the small parts - for example lights .The right one is explaned well by diagrams but the left one is built from eight parts and there's no explaining on how and what .On the other hand all the grids fit perfectly and there are numbers of parts written on the hull which is very helpfull.
    One more thing . Allmost every structure and box has to be glued without any gluing tabs which is pretty complicated .But there's no problem using self-made gluing tabs - I made them from regular office 80 g/m2 paper
    Sorry ,for now this is all .My digital camera is at my friends at Thailand for now and because of that there's no pictures
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  3. Boris

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    I think you've noticed , my nick is Boris - so there's no problem for me with russian (I was born in what was known as USSR and now I'm living in Israel)
    And yes , I did use a lot of stuff from "armor site" and other sites . My friends are saying that if I'll build another israeli model they're going to kill me :D - so many phone calls I made
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    I have this model as well. Any idea on when you will get some pictures of it? Any more words of advice for anyone contemplating building this model?
  5. rickstef

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    try looking at our sister sites

    do a search on the model# or model name

    That should give you some idea

    plus i know that Moshe Lemer was working on one

  6. Boris

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    I believe that in a week I'll get my camera back .My friend is supposed to return on next saturday (let's hope the camera is OK) And then I'll try to post some pictures.
    I can add something about this model.I think it would be smart to laminate all the hull parts (at least 0.5 mm cardboard) besause ,as I mentioned , the formers arrangement is very weak . And , surely , try to find as much pictures of Merkava MK 1 as possible - it would help.But the most important things are patience and a steady hand :)

    To pashlispaht :
    Tell me please , is it me or the original paper is bad for real?
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    I have a book on the Merkava from the New Vanguard series by Osprey Publishing. They make a decent inexpensive series of armor books. I have bought a book on just about every tank that I have a model of. But you have already completed yours, so it would not be of much use to you. As to the quality of GPM paper; I have built three GPM models and I am currently working on my fourth. I do not have a problem with the paper. It seems to be more resistant to warpage when you put glue on it than other firms kits. But it seems to be hard to roll it into a very small radius (1/2" or less). I always have problems with it "cracking", and it is very hard to get a nice smooth radius. I do not think it is my technique; I have done many other models and I have not had this problem. And it also seems to delaminate more often when you try to do very small folds or parts. Maybe these are the problems you have with this paper? BTW Boris, where in the former CCCP are you from?
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    Hi Guys !
    It's good to know that I'm the only one who has problems with GPM paper 'cause I heard from people that this paper is quite good - maybe I'm too used to 180 g/m2 :)
    BTW I still didn' completed this model , only the hull without suspension

    to pashlispaht

    As for your question : Check your PM's
  9. Boris

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    Hi guys!
    I have to inform all of you that my model building is over - my dog got to it .Because my dog is 4 months old it chews everything - so there's nothing left from a model but a big paper ball :-( :-(
    And even more , my studies will not allow me to continue (I should say restart) my work on this model
    Let's hope I'll have some time to build this model
    It is kind of hard to work 12 hours a day , to study to BA and to build models :-( :-( :-(
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    You have my sympathy....

    Boris: I hear you. I have 4 cats. Although they are all old enough to know better, my shop is a favourite hangout. So stuff gets "played with" and "piston", if I forget to close the door (fresh paper and sawdust are favoured targets).
    I weep for you!
    Yer Bud
  11. barry

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    When you work 12 hours a day and study and etc it's a good idea to have a shoe box with a card model in just to keep you sane occasionally.

  12. goney3

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    With all the brew-ha ha in the media lately I keep hearing about the Merkava tanks... but where can we get a model of one? ... let alone a Merkava Mk.4 :)
  13. charliec

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    GPM #25/1998 is the most recent Merkava model. I think this is a Merkava 2 with mine plow. Reports say it's a reasonable model. As far as I'm ware there is no model in 1/25 of the Merkava 4. The GPM model is available at many of the on-line shops.


  14. Stev0

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    Supposedly the best tank in the world.

    I have seen some specs on it... I have to admit in a slugfest with other tanks they (the opposition) need to not only pierce the frontal armor but diesel cell, inner armor wall, motor, again inner armor wall before it hits any crew.

    The applique armor seems to be easily replaced. I'm surprised there isnt provisions for RPG screens on the side.

    I have seen the GPM pages for the Merkava and it looks great but... if what you say is true. It would be a nightmare to cobble together with all the hills and valleys over the total structure.
  15. Fishcarver

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    Are you still with us, lad?
    Or did the DAWG get U 2?


    PS: I have the GPM SKOT 3 kit. Beautiful graphics, instructions look fairly intuitive.
  16. Boris

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    Yes I'm still here, but no time for model making first with war that was here and now with high work load. Sorry.
  17. Fishcarver

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    Boris: Good to hear from you and glad you are safe! Take care!

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