Memories of a NYC RR Train Girl

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by Roger Hensley, Jun 8, 2004.

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    I have just added a gem to the Memory pages of the Railroads of Madison County. It is the memories of a woman who used to ride the NYC passenger trains (and others) frequently in her youth. I broke it down into several pages to make it easier to read. Here is the 'teaser'.

    Karen Dinsmore's "Memories of a NYC RR Train Girl"
    "I was very fortunate to grow up at the height of rail travel, have many relatives and older siblings to visit in far off places, and have a dad who worked for the Big Four as the passes he got provided me opportunities to roam far from Wabash, Indiana and constantly travel by train. Until they took the passenger trains off of the Michigan Division of the Big Four we often took the train to Marion or Indianapolis to shop for the day. Weekends we headed to Elkhart to catch a train to Chicago... "

    While you're on the Memory page, take a look at Don Leistikow's "The Riley doesn't stop here (but it did)".
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    big 4

    Great stuff Roger!

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    Love the photo/postcard. Can you e-mail me a larger version for the Big Four Memories pages of the RRsofMadCty? Need your name for the credit and the approximate year of the card.
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    sorry this is the only size I have. philip
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    Roger: FYI.......I found the image while surfing on e-bay. Its titled Big Four Bridge. Its always up for grabs. I have never seen a copy and I'm from the Louisville area. Rare indeed.

    Don't credit the image to me. Its not my material.
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    I understand. Thanks. :)

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