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Discussion in 'Railroading' started by tjblundell, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. tjblundell

    tjblundell Member

    Once,long ago on the old,I found a free model off the
    canon papercraft website of the D50 japanese locomotive.

    Does anybody still know if that model is still around?

  2. angevine

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  3. tjblundell

    tjblundell Member

    The model was o gauge the site was canon papercraft.
  4. alang

    alang Member

    The model never made it to the English-language version of the Canon site, but it is still there on the Japanese side:

    D51 498

  5. pahorace

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  6. tjblundell

    tjblundell Member

    You found it!!Thankyou!!

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