MBTA GP-40MC project planning

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    Hi all,

    The topic says it all!
    I'm considering bashing a couple GP-40MCs for my MBTA commuter trains.
    MBTA GP-40MC Picture

    The chassis I'm leaning toward is an Athearn GP40X high hood. Although probably not a perfect match, I find the body is quite similar to the MBTA version with the long radiator flares. I'm going for the high hood version so that I may use them on Guilford GP-35s later on!

    The cab will probably come from detail associates. They have several add-on versions of the wide cab...generally intended for the GP-60M But I think they will work just fine! Here's their canadian cab.

    Stay tuned for more updates!
    I'd love to hear any advice or suggestions!

  2. jbaakko

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    You might have luck checking out Kaslo cabs also, they might have a close match (I'm not sure though).
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