Martin JRM-1 Mars

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    Here is one you dont see everyday I built this from blue foam board covered in epoxie resin all hand carved useing plans obtained through the Martin plant. This is the mighty Martin Mars flyingboat they were used through out the second world war up to the late 1950.s. In 1956 they were styrikened from the naval registry and sold for scrap. Canadas Forest industries purchased three boats from the navy includeing dozens of new engines. The canada forest industries in visioned their use as borate bombers and are still used today in a strikeing Red and White paint schedule.The scale of this in 1/48 scale 50 inch wingspan I will throw in the pro0 type Martin Mars as designated PBM2-R1 the pro type had twin tails simular to the PBM Mariner.


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    Moe pictures

    Ahoy Here are some more pix.

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    That dark blue one is a dream, what a beautiful plane. I wouldn't mind living in one of those! I can't believe that out Gub'ment didn't have the foresight to store those away for future generations! AAaargh!!:curse: :)
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    Ahoy Zathros

    Thanks again for your wonderfull replies I am honored to be here. One thing for certain our government has never had any forsight for anything for future use then the exception of war itself. The Mars was used longer then any other flyingboat at the time. After the war they were used for transporting military personal from the stateside to the Islands of the Pacific. In 1956 with the event of Jet air traval rendered thye mighty Mars useless and they were stricken from the Navy register. Only two examples are flying today fir Canada forest Industries as Borate Bombers and they di their job very well and get the job done and can stay airborne for hours with fueling. It is a shame that noe were purchased from private collectors or a museume. It is a shame our government dont have forsight to preserve history.

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    A friend of mine flew these in the early fifties, and went on to fly for Delta. Big flying boats they were.
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    it litteraly looks like a boat with wings. amazing job. freddy

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