Marklin Digital Compatibility Question

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by domingojs23, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. domingojs23

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    Dear Friends,

    Again, please pardon my ignorance on this. I just got a digital Marklin Stater Set
    (29755 H0 “Fire Department” Digital Starter Set), with C Track.

    My question is, what are the other brands of model train engines, cars, track, etc., compatible with my set ?

    Many thanks !

  2. Trainiac77

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    I found this on another website. Hope it helps,

    Märklin-C series HO gauge track is designed specifically for AC powered, effectively three-rail Märklin layouts. The C-series track has integral ballast and is slated to replace the older M-series track. It is only compatible with Märklin-M and Märklin-K HO track (all three may be joined using special adapter track sections).
  3. Bill Nelson

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    I have not had any contact with Marklin equipment in a very long time, and do not know what they have been up to. Traditionally Marklin did thier own thing in HO their stuff was set up like 3 rail track, except with studs on the ties rather than a center rail. they ran very well and were durable, but were not compatible with the rest of the HO world. It is possible things have changed in the last thirty years. I'll try to do some research

    Bill Nelson
  4. Bill Nelson

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    beat me to it, good work !

    Bill Nelson
  5. Trainiac77

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  6. domingojs23

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    Dear Trainiac77 and Bill,

    Many thanks ! I guess Maerklin then is not too popular in North America....


  7. 60103

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    Maerklin is a special niche in North America. It has a reputation as solid and dependable, but incompatible with everything else. (Note: if you change the couplings, you can run North American cars behind Maerklin locos.) Regard it as equivalent t buying a car that runs on kerosine.
    I think Hornby-Dublo 3-rail track was based on the Maerklin system and would join with it, but it hasn't been made since 1962. (but HD was DC powered.)
    HO accessories and buildings will be compatible, though.
    There are enthusiastic Maerklin modellers in N.A. -- you just have to find them.

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