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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by paperboy, Nov 15, 2006.

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    First of all let me say that I have a raging case of ADHD HA! I've been sitting and looking at my model of the Infanta Maria Teresa and I want to do something else. I've been building stacks and puzzling over building the overdeck framework for the boats so I took a side trip into my library and pulled out the Potemkin for diversion. It's a great model,i just need to finish it..ADHD again. The same goes with Maly's French destroyer leader Le Terrible
    I build the hull, admiring the lines and promptly forgot about it. I think it went in the pool to see if it would float. It didn't. Good thing that it was a scan of the original.
    Ok, ADHD buzz aside I'm going back to building the IMT, but first I posted a feww pics of the Potemkin for those pre-Dred fans. It will look good when finished with a big St. Andrews banner flying.


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  2. Gregory Shoda

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    Adhd Ha!

    ??? I had to ask my wife, who is a teacher, to get a handle on this. Fortunately, she was able to explain it to me. I understand now.

    Thanks for compensating us with pictures of the Potomkin in lieu of Infanta Maria Teresa. It looks good so far. BTW: Are you painting it or are you using the printed paper?

    Sometimes I go months without doing anything myself (and I'm retired) because of a problem with a model. So I know what you mean.

    Again, thanks for showing us your work.
  3. paperboy

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    Hey Greg
    To answer your question I painted the mast tops,turrets and spots on the hull. I try to not paint but on the Teresa because everything is being made as I go I'm painting pretty much everything.


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