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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by belg, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. belg

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    Hey guys does anyone know of a product that you melt in the oven to make molds which is reusable again by melting it in the oven again . I saw it mentioned in a post but there was no product name mentioned.Also a source for that product would be very helpful.:confused:
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  3. belg

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    Phil, Thank you very much for the info will get some ordered today.:) :D
  4. philip

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    Your welcome! hey Let us know if that stuff is any count. What are you casting?

  5. belg

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    Phil, I'm going to try to reproduce some vehicles and other small things like drums crates a/c units and the like.
  6. jon-monon

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    Yes, that would be great to know how well it works! Have you tried silicolne RTV as a mold? That's what I've heard most talk about. I've got some woodlands scenics rubber, but never tried it yet.
  7. belg

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    Well guys after calling Dick Blick for some input on the product,they were not to keen on the uses that I described above and suggested a product called PourAmold,so I'm wondering if any one has any experience with this product?
  8. philip

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    forget that stuff

    Belg, I kind of figured getting technical data out of those people would be tough. Micro-Mark sells RTV for about 30 bucks. I have never used the product. The image that I'm attaching is two roads you can go down. The bottom one is General Electric silicone rtv black used on chimney flashing. 5.00 bucks a tube. This was my 1st attempt at mold making. The top picture is Dow Corning RTV II $ 200.00 a gallons. For those small parts I would suggest using the cheap RTV tube caulk to practice with. The GE Caulk and Dow Corning product both work good....just a heck of a price difference. The only drawback between the two is ...the cheap stuff is in a gooey form and the Dow stuff is liquid. Some of the other members use and speak highly of the Micro-Mark product Micro-mark also sells casting solution... something like liquid plastic.


    N- scale double mainline portals. I use em as highway tunnels in HO- scale

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  9. Bill Stone

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    If you do a search here on The Gauge for "MicroMark resin" you'll find a fairly extensive thread on resin casting. Might give you some ideas.
  10. pcentral

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    Hi Belg,
    Check out for mold making supplies. Making molds and geodesic foam scenery is their specialty. I have a price list from a year ago and it lists 1 lb. of latex mold compound for $15/US and two grades of silicon RTV rubber compound for $24/US and $28/US. I know personally that Joel(the owner) has made around 200 castings in some of his molds, so they are very durable. I plan to make some small molds for myself and plan to use old N gauge boxes to shape the outer edges of the mold. Steve
  11. Blake

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    Hey, if you want a great deal, go to Smooth-On. For around $30 the will send you a starter set that includes silicone rubber and polyurathane resin. Niether of them have any noxtious oders and they are pretty much self degassing. Along with the rubber and the resin, they send mold release, a filler for porous substances and an instruction book that will open your mind to a million possibilities for molds. Go to their site:
    My suggestion would be their Oom-moo 30 and smooth cast 305.
  12. billk

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    I refuse to buy anything called Oom-moo!:D

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