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    I am trying to repair my E60CP. when i got the model 2 years ago, i accidentially cloths-lined the "inner" pantograph off with a transformer wire ( i was only just starting with some ez trak on the floor, i should have payed more attention!)

    I was able to repair it, but it kept breaking and i had to repair it again and again. I think there may be hope for the original plastic pantograph to be repaired yet ONE more time. the other pantograph is to loose and doesn't stay up, so having the other one stay down and be folded doesn't look like its going to work, and besides, it would be nice to be able to use both.

    However, since i want to improve this model, i figured i might as well go and try and rebuild the pantographs. I have seen the metal kind on the Metroliners from Bachmann, and i am thinking of building a similar one that i can some how mount on the plastic pantograph frame that i detached from the model. I was hoping i could make it out of metal, and add springs to it so that it will push up on the wire.

    would anyone be able to point me int he right direction for building my own Faively type pantograph?
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    well i've been reffered to a french pantograph that is shaped exactly the same way by sommerfeldt. I think i'll by a pair and see how they work.
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    How would I make a modern pantograph shoe, with only one shoe going across instead of 2.
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    well if you look at the pantograph shoe on an E60 ( or more modern GG-1s) it will only have one "strip" of metal going across the pantograph.

    on electrics from an earlier time, there are two strips of metal on the pantograph shoe, like on this GG-1 model.

    because i model more modern heavy electrics i wanted to use th correct style pantograph shoe. I can't imagine its difficult, but I thought i better ask before i end up knee deep in something i don't know how to do!
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    OK, Can you gentky solder a strip of brass across the top , or do you intend to take it apart and refit?

    If so go to Rays last page oh his how to and see how he built his pickup.

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