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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by csxengineer, Oct 6, 2003.

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    I think it's a bit of both.... If you know the item is hard to find, you bid a bit higher.... but sometimes people get into the: "Well, it's only a couple dollars more - I can raise my bid (a 3rd time) just a few bucks more" So you end up bidding a "bit more" than you wanted to... which is what sellers hope for :D :D
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    Guys, it comes down to, this is the world we live in today autimated(sp) I'm a firm believer that if the item goes over the price your willing to pay, have patience there will be another sooner or later. I like a bargain like anyone else and use self control to stay on budget. I have seen SOOOOO many items go for MORE than you can buy them for on the internet its not even funny.DO YOUR RESEARCH KNOW WHAT YOUR PAYING!!!! I really watch FSM and Sierra west auction closely as they are two great kit manufacturers but the after market has gone thru the roof, Sat a kit that originally sold for $230 went for $585.I wish my stocks would go up like that. This brings up another tender subject and that is speculators, guys that buy kits only to sell them later for profit(another can of worms, I won't elaborate as I feel my BLOOD PRESSURE rising already) Another 2C, Pat
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    When we had our business, I used to go to every auction I could get to. I got lots of office and production furniture and engineering lab equipment. Large companies here like Motorola and Honywell or smaller companies that were selling out, all held auctions. When asked what style our office was decorated in, I'd reply, "early Motorola." :rolleyes: You see an item, you get to touch it, so you know what you're bidding on and you know you get to take it home once you pay the auction company. Still, I learned quickly that some people get caught up in the bidding frenzy and paid more than the item sold for new. And as Pat said, there were the speculators. One "used equipment" character kept overbidding on something and when he won, he asked the guy he was bidding against what that item was. He didn't know, but he told the guy, "if it's worth that to you, I must be able to sell if for more than that in my store."...:curse: Sometimes we were the speculators, buying furniture at really low prices, fixing it up and selling it at a good profit.

    It was fun, it was sometimes profitable, but I got a lot of stuff we couldn't otherwise afford. At least in those kinds of auctions, I wasn't bidding against robots....:D :D

    ... or was I???:rolleyes:
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    Ebat at times brings out a competitive nature.
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