M622 "Autun", french MSO class

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  1. jeanma

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    hi all.
    I thought that my yard could interresser you.
    Some time ago, I started looking for a oceanique minesweeper, class MSO, to offer it to my father on his birthday. He was a radio board during his military service.
    After much research, a friend of the forum francais found one who got me closer to the most: the admirable class of digital navy.
    But that was the class before MSO, and wasn't what i need.

    So, i used this file to start mine own vessel...
    I started using the file of the site. But after a few hours, I realized that the two classes were really different, and I take the shape of the hull, width, height ... all superstructures. The chimney (finally, I cut a piece of shell and coiled on itself, it was exactly the right size, wrapped around the reinforcement for the other's ship)
    This is one of the interresting link i m using for work : http://www.navsource.org/archives/11/02462.htm
    all the making of is on this link :
    and actually, here i am :


    Today, time is running out : the 70th anniversary of my father is 13 days, and I have full details to be finalized.
    So I returned to my yard, hoping that this parenthesis francaise (thank you google translator) enjoyed you.
  2. Beachead

    Beachead Member

    A great build. Looks very professional, you'll father will be proud and happy. :thumb:
  3. jeanma

    jeanma New Member

    i hope !

    thank you :wave:
  4. Formerly Styrene

    Formerly Styrene New Member


    I was looking at your thread on "Le Forum en Papier" and I really like the way you did the lower hull with the extra reinforcement near the bow, up front. I think your Dad will be proud of this one!:thumb:

  5. jeanma

    jeanma New Member

    thank you, i finished it today, it will be launch this sunday.
    Pictures was upload on the french forum
    cya :wave:

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