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  1. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello companions,

    Now it is called on me to make the Sherman M4A3 from GPM.

    In Photo 001 you can see the GPM book.

    001. [​IMG]

    In Photos 002, 003 and 004 you can see the pages of the formers sticking to the 1 mm. cardboard.

    002. [​IMG] 003. [​IMG] 004. [​IMG]

    And in the Photos 005 and 006 the first formers already cut.

    005. [​IMG] 006. [​IMG]

    That is everything so far. Soon more.


    NULLMOON Member

    juging from your last builds this is gonna be another masterpice:thumb:
  3. lriera

    lriera Member

    Nullmoon, thank you for your confidence. I hope I will do a good job.:yep:

  4. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello companions,

    Here is an update of the works on the Sherman.

    In Photos 007, 008, 009 and 010 you can see how I was dry fitting the pieces to see if they fit well and making the necessary adjustment. And in the Photo 011 the last pieces of the frame cut and prepared.

    007. [​IMG] 008. [​IMG] 009. [​IMG] 010. [​IMG]

    011. [​IMG]

    In Photo 012 I am beginning to stick the formers. The central former and its ribs and also the lateral ones. In Photo 013 I am sticking the central and lateral formers.

    012. [​IMG] 013. [​IMG]

    In Photo 014 I am sticking the two pieces that compose the ground of the Sherman and in Photo 015 I am sticking the piece of the ground, to the rest of formers.

    014. [​IMG] 015. [​IMG]

    In Photo 016 I am sticking the laterals of the Sherman and in Photos 017 and 018 the four pieces that form the front of the tank are sticking.

    016. [​IMG] 017. [​IMG] 018. [​IMG]

    Soon I will come with more.

  5. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    where do you get those wonderful clamps you are using onthe model?
  6. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello companions,

    The Hermit, I bought them in a hobby shop in Barcelona, but I know you can buy them in the USA at Tower Hobbies or some other mail hobby shop.

    Now the structure is already finished.

    In Photo 019 you can see how I am sticking the K15 piece using the plastic clamp. In the while I am testing the fitting of the pieces K16 and K17.

    019. [​IMG]

    In Photo 020 I have already stuck the two frontal pieces and the superior cover (K17) is sticking. In order to give more tension to rubbers I use “special” devices as always.

    020. [​IMG]

    In Photo 021 you can see how I have painted the interior of the cubicle of the engine in black, so that it can’t be seen when I put the grid cover. In Photo 022 I am sticking the piece K19L that is the left lateral cover and in Photo 023 I am doing the same with the right cover. In Photo 024 I am sticking the top cover of the engine and…

    021. [​IMG] 022. [​IMG] 023. [​IMG] 024. [​IMG]

    … the structure of the Sherman is finished as you can see in Photos 025 and 026. I have tested the fitting of the “skin” in the structure and it seems that I am not going to have any problem, it fits perfectly. I will see if it is truth when I glue it.

    025. [​IMG] 026. [​IMG]

    That's all for now.

    Greetings to all.
  7. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    Hi Lluis!

    Looking good! If I recall when I built my Sherman, the hull skin fits perfectly to the formers. I remember thinking at the time when I built the hull that the model was well designed.

  8. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hi Ken,

    Yes it is well designed. But I think the black lines are too width and the colors on the offset printing were a little bit out of register. I think it is a design done before the use of computers.

  9. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello companions,

    I have covered the Sherman. But I have gone so quickly that it has not given me time to take more photos. I have begun by the bottom skin and once this one was dry, I have stuck the top skin, soon the laterals and finally the front.

    So without more talk, I show you the photos. In the Photo 27 you can see the frame with the edges painted on green using an acrylic paint from Vallejo. And in the sequence of Photos from the 28 to the 31 I show you the present state of my Sherman.

    027. [​IMG]

    028. [​IMG] 029. [​IMG] 030. [​IMG] 031. [​IMG]

    That is everything at the moment.

    Greetings to all.
  10. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello Companions,

    Well, I am here with another update on the Sherman. I have finished the pieces that I think are the exhaust pipes. Please tell me if I am wrong.

    In Photo 32 I show to you the parts that compose these pieces. The one on the left, cut and the one on the right, with some manipulations to give it form.

    032. [​IMG]

    In Photo 33 I begin the process of assembly of one of the pieces. Although it is not apparent (you will see it better in Photo 36) I have stuck a small cardboard rectangle to give body to the union, because it is edge against edge. The one that I have been able to stick edge against edge without problems in the piece on the right, that appears on the great head of a needle. In Photo 34 you can see how, on the left, the squared piece is sticking, in center I am sticking discs of cardboard and their ring and on the right, the piece that simulates the exhaust. Here is sticking the part that has double curvature. And in Photo 35 one of the pieces already finished.

    033. [​IMG] 034. [​IMG] 035. [​IMG]

    And next I show to you the elaboration of the other piece, this time with greater aproximation. As I commented to you, in the part on the left of Photo 36, you can see the cardboard piece that I have stuck to the piece 27c to facilitate the union. In the while, I am sticking the edge of the piece and the discs and the ring of the piece on the right. In Photo 37 I am finishing sticking the piece on the left, I am sticking discs to its support and the squared piece on the right is almost finished. Finally, in Photo 38 you can see the two finished pieces.

    036. [​IMG] 037. [​IMG] 038. [​IMG]

    That is everything until the moment.

  11. lriera

    lriera Member

    Hello companions,

    Here I am finishing to the big piece of the back. If nobody says anything against, I am going to call it radiator.

    Now I am going with the details of the building. In Photo 39 you can see the different pieces that compose the radiator, the exhaust pipes and the hook of tow before cutting them. In Photo 40 all the pieces that compose the radiator. You observe that the piece in the form of L has an impression failure. I painted it a little with a marker.

    039. [​IMG] 040. [​IMG]

    In Photo 41 I am sticking one of the pieces in the form of L to the body of the radiator. As always I come step by step. In Photo 42 I begin to stick the piece across. And in the Photo 043 both pieces are already stuck.

    041. [​IMG] 042. [​IMG] 043. [​IMG]

    In Photo 44 you can see how it was the radiator at that stage. It lacked three parts to be finished. In Photo 45 the inner plating is sticking. And in Photo 46 the grid is sticking.

    044. [​IMG] 045. [​IMG] 046. [​IMG]

    In Photo 47 the finished radiator. You can see its location in the Sherman, it goes in the place marked as 22b. In Photo 48 I am sticking the radiator to its location in the Sherman. And in Photo 49 you can see the Sherman with the radiator stuck in its place.

    047. [​IMG] 048. [​IMG] 049. [​IMG]

    Well, that is everything at the moment. I am going to take seven days holiday, so for some days I will not posts any more progression on the Sherman.

    See you later.

  12. KCStephens

    KCStephens Member

    I am also working on this model. Right now I am in the process of building the running gear. Your outstanding step by step construction photos really make the job much easier. Thanks.

    Kevin Stephens
  13. exzealot

    exzealot Member

    Hey Lluis!

    Where are you?? I hope that work isn't getting in the way of continuing this build. You're doing such a fantastic job.


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