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    Thanks to the snow storm in North Alabama, UAH was closed for Monday and Tuesday and I decided that, with the time off, I'd tackle a project I've been meaning to do for some time. I modified Yogi's Falcon 9 kit by creating an Earth Departure stage and booster nose cones from the large diameter payload fairing included in the kit. I scatchbuilt the LES and BPC; I learned a lot about designing in MS word over the course of the project.

    This particular configuration is intended for an Apollo 8-style flyby. A landing would be performed using two F9 heavies, one carrying the Dragon spacecraft and the other carrying the Wyvern lander and EDS (The Wyvern is something I made up) until the Falcon X is available.




    Snow at the Charger Village food court
  2. As I said at the neighbours earlier, This might give Elon Musk a new idea to actually try and do! The scratching/converting looks great and the whole stack looks really convincing to me.
    Any chance of uploading a plan of the LES?

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