Lumber Mill Switching Layout Idea

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by jetrock, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Here's some serious inspiration for fans of narrow-gauge switching layouts. The plan is from a Sanborn insurance map, dated 1915, in Sacramento, CA. The location is just north of Southern Pacific's main yard and shops area, and it is now a big junkyard so any physical evidence is gone, but these plans indicate a large set of narrow-gauge tracks, with switches, serving different parts of the lumberyard. While they might indicate a people-powered cart on tracks, I would suspect that some sort of powered locomotion would be needed in a complex the size of two city blocks. I'd imagine that a steam locomotive would be the most likely choice, although a battery-powered electric locomotive is also a possibility, and maybe more likely due to the fire hazards of a steam locomotive working in a lumberyard!
    An exact model of this railroad would take around 6x12 feet, but it would be easy enough to compress into a 2x6 or so space, even with a standard-gauge spur in front.

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    It wouldn't suprise me if those are hand cart tracks. Labor was pretty cheap back then. Might be fun to model with narrow gauge traction, though.

    Or go with standard gauge, and show a connection to that rail spur at the bottom of the page.

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