Lots of Cool models for FREE!!

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Zathros, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Zathros

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  2. Dented Rick

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    Got em all for the archive (and maybe a few builds in the near future)

    Thanks Zath :thumb:
  3. inky

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    Sweet find, thanks Zathros
  4. TBone79

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    Thanks for the link!
  5. elpapersyco

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  6. shiftdel

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    Just one alert, some of the models there are commercial models, and should not be distributed by free.
  7. Zathros

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    I've been through this whole site. They make paper models of some plastic models. That has been done and still is done, in this hobby and is the back bone of it. Paper versions of models that exist in other media. I do not see any models that are the work of others being touted as their own. It doesn't mean that they aren't there. If you can be specific to which models you you are referring too, that would be most helpful. If you mean they are copying plastic models. There's no problem with that. They can even offer their interpretation of other paper models, as long as they aren't offering someone else's model and calling it their own. I have seen no evidence on this site.

    Unless I see specific examples of which models you are talking about, I consider this site is perfectly fine. Please be specific in accusations, because if I have missed something, and that is REALLY possible, I am only human, it really helps, especially when find places that are doing this.

    I also appreciate your efforts in this too. Let me know which models you refer too. They also may have permission to host models too which is again something very different and hard to prove., in the negative.:thumb:
  8. shiftdel

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    My appologize!! Wrong thread, I was meaning the post about 3D models, not this one about paper models.

    I had several threads opened, and just replied the wrong one, sorry!

    The site I means was this: http://www.gfx-3d-model.com/

    I found some dinoraul´s dinosaurs there, and they are available only for sell on Renderosity or other 3d model sites.
  9. Zathros

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    No apologies needed. Was the above post in a thread here? If it was, post the thread so I can edit it and then edit the link out of your thread so we don't send people there, O.k.? :)
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  11. Vince

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    I'm thinking about printing the viper onto a light grey or eggshell card instead of pure white. Has anyone had any luck with this?
  12. Zathros

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    I've painted onto different colored cardstock, the only problem is that all the graphics change color too. Some come through O.K., other meh.

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