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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Why me, Jun 3, 2005.

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    :oops: Hi guys jusy got lenz compact controler and transformer for my sons bithday tommorow the 4th june start off well loco went ok with no contro;ll over them then i started fiddling with buttons lost all 4 loco woumdt work with me bachmann start up set ok found out shut off speed and delay got them now i hv no power to track at allmy test track work ok i think keep getting mess ER9 CANT find it in manul can i reset to factory settings your local pain in the BUTT fatso ty
  2. Why me

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    INPROVEMENT have power going to track loco run on there own hv no controll over system addressed loco to L6 lights up on contoller cant stop loco or anything if short the track out it still runs after that stop not working nothing at all on commands am i missing somthing silly or is it a bad controller lost all the CV ADDRESSES cant work out whats needs to be put on CV"S 1/9 ANY HELP MORE THAN WELCOME TY .MIKE
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  4. Why me

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    Ok already had manual but ty still hv locos running on there own with no commands working been at this for best part of 16 hours my sons birthday today and i cant get it to work right looks like back to bachmann for the time being only if life was like bed roses lol ty u all.mike
  5. Why me

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    HI guys running me first loco problem sorted out ty all for your good info and help all the bes.mike

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