looking for swedish 'S' tank and french char B

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  1. Have either of those tanks been made in 1/25 before? I've looked but found nothing. Two subjects i really want to tackle.
  2. charliec

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    I don't think so - there are no hits in wsmk.konradus.com either.

    I have a recollection that I've seen an S-tank model on one of those Russian sites which has/had old Junior Technician models. The effort required to build
    one of those might be better spent designing your own.

    French WW2 armour is almost completely neglected - as well as no 1/25 Char B, there's no Somua, Hotchkiss H35, Renault R40. There is old Maly Modelarz Renault R35 but that only exists because the Polish army had a unit of R-35s in 1939. It's all a bit odd since the French Army had more armour than the Wehrmacht in 1940 - just didn't use what they had very well.


  3. Fishcarver

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    I agree! Card modelling seems to me to be the ideal medium for the production of obscure WWII or modern subjects, especially given the ever-ecalating price of pl****c kits.

    Manufacturers/designers please note! Produce it and we will buy!

  4. gpr2d2

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    French B1 in Russia


    A french tank from the russian editor MODEL KOPIA exist :


    Best regards

  5. paperpanzer

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    S Tank

    There is a simple S tank on Satoshi Yoshioka's web-site


    As for French tanks Wayne Mcullough has an FT17 and Schneider


    I did see a B1-Bis on a french site but it's not been released yet? Been waiting over a year


    I agree with Charlie the French have been ignored but then again so have the Japanese, early WWII British and Belgian amongst others.

  6. paper warrior

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    I think you have to e-mail them asking for it.
  7. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    (the B1-Bis)
  8. charliec

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    I stayed with the French AFVs in my original comment but certainly the Japanese and early British AFVs have been sadly neglected. In my view it's quite astounding that there no models of the Universal Carrier in 1/25 - even though most of the Allied armies used them extensively in a multitude of roles. No one's even attempted a model of an Australian Sentinel (I'd buy that one for obvious reasons). To be fair to model designers French and some British designs were constructed from castings rather than flat plate which is not easy to model with cardstock - but not impossible.

    If my knowledge of French hasn't deserted me completely the designer says he has had problems with this model.

    There are the recent releases of the Char B-1 and Somua S-35 tanks at www.hobbyfactory.com but these are in an odd scale (1/40) - they look rather simplified.


  9. paperpanzer

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    B1 Bis

    I've just tried to e-mail kit-carton via their contact address but got a failure reply?

    Do you know of any other e-mail address to try?

    As for model design, I have tried to design a few AFV's of my own : -


    Working from WW1 onwards to gain experience on the "easier" to model tanks first

    I intend to do 10 WW1 models before moving onto WW2 and beyond but its taken me 2 years to design 4 models and one re-colour so it might take a while before I can get to the "Sentinel"

  10. gpr2d2

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    French tanks

    Hi everibody,

    I think that the site from KitCarton is "dead", since november 2005 it is not updated. In the begining of 2005, the designer said about the B1 that it is not satisfied from the result, and he'll make release.... he'll think he change this hobby.

    The designer of the models from hobbyfactory, is a french man : Leypa, you can perhaps contact him by the french forum : "Le Forum en Papier"


    Another french designer : Paul Amiel from the company PEAGRAFIS is preparing a Schneider CA1...

    Best regards from France


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