looking for info on 1970's bachmann gp-40

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Grotto, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Grotto

    Grotto Member

    I'm looking for info on 1970's bachmann gp-40, and any info on quality, value or useability would be appreciated.

    "EMD" Diesel
    CP rail
    Made in Hong Kong.
    Unused and still in original box with styrofoam.
  2. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    I would say from My expirence with that particular engine, it's better off as a paperwieght for your desk, unfortunately! :( I wish it wasn't so, why are you intrested in it? Does it hold some special significance for you?
  3. Grotto

    Grotto Member

    IT holds none at all, as I am into N scale . I recently was given an old HO train set that came withtwo loco's, a circle and various cars. To be honest I was hoping to trade it in to a local hobby store towards a new N scale loco which I really need. It's tto bad as it is in unused shape. Any idea on its trade in value?
  4. MilesWestern

    MilesWestern Active Member

    I'm thinking based on trainshow value, about $1-$10 depending on who you buy from, so keep that in mind, if you wish to trade that in, if the hobby shop will accept it at all. :(

    On the otherhand, what engine do you desprately need? ;)
  5. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    I don't think Bachmann built anything better than toy trains before the late 1980's or early 90's. What you have is pretty much a worthless toy. The freight cars are probably way too light with talgo trucks and the locomotive probably has one truck that actually drives the loco and the other is just a dummy with electrical pick up.

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