Looking for Dino Megazord (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

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  1. 22point8

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    Hi, I recently saw that in 2010 MMPR is being rebroadcast with cleaned up visuals and that they'll be rereleasing the toys, so I was wondering if they were any paper models of the Megazord or Dragonzord anywhere, all I've found so far are paper morphers and power coins, and a person who has made costumes out of cardboard, I'd post links but I don't have enough posts.
  2. nav

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    I don't have power rangers , but I do have super sentai , the japanese counter parts , the super sentai megazord as wellas serparate zords
  3. noogie101

    noogie101 New Member

    Here is a link for the Dino Megazord with the Dragonzord

    If you want the Dino Megazord, you might need this!
    If you also want Dragonzord Battle Mode, you also need this as well!

    I hope you enjoy!

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