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    See what Santa brought me!!


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    New toy...

    thank you jon, for helpein me with my spelling and grammer! I am not the best at this I had some goog teachers and some bad! Thank You. the picturs that we made were not so good. the black coller on the locomotive is too dark for this kinde of lighting, Hay I have to let in on something, my lay out! It was a pine to build, after I laide all the track, Months of planing and findely! I get a chance to lay the ballis!! I mix the stones to make it look good, and yes sprayed the glue mix, and yet I forgot to pull off the plug on the trainsfomer. The next dayI was really disapointed!!the track was realy green!! it would look great if you were minening Copper!!But I had to fix this, so I tryed hydrogen peroxide! it made the sides of the rails turn brown and rusty looken! KOOL! the only thing is you have to do it with a Q tip swab! on all the the railes. :( and then cleen off the oxadition ot top of the rail, I can see why Ho is nice to work with , yes N is small ? Ill do the best with it . Its a nice thing ! To have FUNN!!
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    I like those engines, Your lay-out looks great too.

    Don't worry about your spelling, most of us can't spell either.:D :D

    The way you write you remind me of a older Polish lady I did some work for. She had a real heavy accsent. She moved here from Poland in the 70's I think.
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    Hi Michael!
    Is that one of the Bachman 2-8-0's?
    Those are really nice!
    Your scenery looks really nice too!
    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    good o

    Hi Mike,
    Nice shots , is Santa good or what:D :D :D :D :p
    Any more shots of yor layout:p

    Its always a thrill to see pics of other models:D :D :D :D

    As 1541 said dont worry bout nothing keep posting we love it.
    I always forget stops and commer thingys cpitels and such .
    Who me yep me:confused:
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    Yeh Michael. Those 2-8-0's are really nice. I sent in a 2-6-0 which a wheel on the front pilot broke off and they replaced it with the 2-8-0 and I got the better of the deal.
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    Obviously, you were very well behaved all year.:)

    Now...go run that fella around for a while.:)
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    You are really going to like that 2-8-0. Here is a link to a picture I posted for Errol showing one of mine hauling 20 cars up a 2% grade.:) :) http://www.the-gauge.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=3828
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    Lookin' good Slow! Fantastic and good to hear it's FUN!

    Yes, and now we are in that sweat time of the year, those few days between Christmas and New Year, where you can do anything you want and technically St. Nick can't hold it against you for next year and he already dumped the load this year! I'm drinkin beer in my skivvies before noon at work! yehaa. OK the boss can still get ya, so I'm not.

    Arrrrrrrharrrrrr. :D :D :D
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    You guys are a barrel of laughs. David...those photos of your 2-8-0 are super!! From what I can see you have a really nice start on your layout. Take you time with it and don't rush. If you get frustrated with it walk away and come back to it another day. Yes, I am having all kinds of fun with my new Bachman. Yes, I will post more photos of my layout. About the little old Polish lady thing...yes, I am pure Polish. My mom was streight off the boat and I suppose I picked a lot of that up from her. One thing I say all the time that makes my wife crazy is that I say, "I barrowed him the money." Instead of saying, "I loaned him the money." She is constantly correcting me....it really drives her crazy. She always says, "NO, you LOANED him the money, he BARROWED the money."

    (Slow's wife: Yes, it is true, it makes me nuts when he says that. I'm constantly correcting him. When Mike's mom was alive and we'd go visit her, I'd spend an hour with her and walk out talking like a little old polish lady. I'd walk out and open my mouth to speak and it with come out all Polish. I'd be like, "Who said that? That couldn't have come out of my mouth!! I don't talk like that!!..it's really contagious so I can understand how growing up in his home could influence the way that he speaks greatly. And his dad was streight off the boat as well so I guess he couldn't help picking it up.)

    Yeah, it was impossible not to pick it up. My friends used to make fun of me all the time. But that don't mean I'm stupid. At least I never got my tounge stuck to a flag pole during the winter.

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    Hi jak sa wy. lubie wasze obrazy. I think I spelled that right. I can speak some Polish, but never had to write it.

    Both my grandparents were from Poland. My grandmother (on my mothers side) would always speak.... er I mean yell at us kids in Polish. So we have picked up some Polish here and there.

    As far as the flag pole thing, I had a good laugh, because as a kid I got my tonuge stuck on the metal railing at St. Mary's church. The nuns called the cops to help me get unstuck. Boy did my grandmother let me have it when I got home!
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    Hi Mike,
    Now you have really started modelling, love the loco.


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