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  1. lester perry

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    I have never used loc sound decoders and some how got the Idea maybe I shouldn't. Don,t know where I got the Idea but would like to know If they are good, bad, ok, not so good, compared to ? heeelllp, I don't want to waste money on junk:confused:
  2. cnw1961

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    Les, I have a LokSound V3.5 for my Baldwin diesel switcher and I think it is excellent. The motor control of the ESU decoders (LokSound and LokPilot) is second to none, especially at low speeds, and I never had any problems with programming. Bearing in mind what is possible with such a tiny speaker, the sound of my Baldwin is very good compared to movies and sound files of this engine I found on the internet. There are some complaints that the horn of the LokSound decoders is too weak, but it is not a problem for me, because I think the overall sound of the decoder is too loud so that I turn it down and leave the horn as it is. LokSound is the only manufacturer to offer sound decoders with Baldwin sounds, so that I cannot compare it to other sound decoders, but you definitely won’t get junk when you buy a LokSound decoder.

    I just ordered another LokSound decoder for my Alco S1.
  3. Harold Cole

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    Les, i see you are climbing up in the world of sound Decoders as far as sound and running,I've installed several in steam and think they are top notch.The deisels are probally not as good sounding as the steam but better than most on the market right now and as far as running they are great.

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