LNE Custom Boxcar

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    Here is the LNE Boxcar that I had the trouble with decaling. The car is more heavily weathered than others I have done recently because I figure that it is supposed to be about 35 years old on a railroad that is going out of business.

    Road: LNE
    Kit: Atheran Wood Boxcar - Undecorated
    Paint: Folk Art Barnyard Red
    Decals: Walthers
    Weathering Rust: Burnt Sienna Acrylic by Daler-Rowney (tube) mixed with rubbing alcohol (Does not show well in photo)
    Weathering Dry Brush: Polly Scale Grimy Black
    Weathering Wash: Polly Scale Grimy Black
    Wheels: Polly Scale Rust
    Trucks: Polly Scale Grimy Black, drybrushed with Polly Scale Rust
    Sealer: Testors Dullcoat

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  2. babydot94513

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    Tom, really super work and I appreciate the "ingredients" list that you have provided as I have 80 +/- cars to weather and need all the variety and ideas I can get.
  3. babydot94513

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    Rookie question - how do you detail the wheels. Do you remove them from the carbody? What techique do you use to apply the "rust"?

    I have not progressed that far and have only looked at the car itself and have not considered doing wheels.
  4. TomPM

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  5. marty w.

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    Looking good, nice work. The weathering looks great!

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