Lionel UCS O Gauge Remote Control question

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by marsRR, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Hello, I had to replace the wiring on this controller and it seems to operate correctly when uncoupling cars. My question is the other button which says unload and just as an experiment I ran a car over it and pushed the button and the car uncoupled. It seems to have the same function as the uncoupler button. I wonder if I put the wires on wrong since it says unload and I don't have a car with that capability, I just ran a normal car over it. Also when I soldered the wires back on the remote control I pretty much made a guess at which one was which and I see the track portion has the numbers 1-4 on the connectors. Sorry if I sound redundant and unclear in my question.


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    Jeff: the wiring inside the controller is kind of complicated (you may have noticed). The uncouple function also operates a couple of the unloading rails (as well as the magnet) because some of the early knuckle couplings worked on an internal electromagnet and had to be fed electricity throgh shoes.
    Try the Olsenstoy site to find assembly diagrams of the UCS section.
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    David, great site I was able to view a complete diagram of both the track and remote controller and compare to my wiring which by some stretch of luck was correct :D

    Thank you very much for you advice,


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